SALES MANAGERS: Transform Your Sales Team into Lucrative Deal Closers… And Double Your Close Ratio In As Little As 32 Minutes A Week

Right now you may think it’s tough to meet the sales targets every month, but it doesn’t really have to be that way.

Mike R. just announced his entire team met quota this month for the first time in 6 months.

Your team can be doing that too… and your life will be much more stress free, while at the same time keep the boss from breathing down your neck and earn the big bonus check you really deserve.

How can you get a quota busting team even though probably only 6% of your salespeople are “elites” and are the really great ones on your team at selling.

Then you probably have another 20% who are doing well but could do better.

Which means you most likely have another 74% who are most likely failing.

Ouch, that hurts in more ways than I want to think about.  (Your bonus check, the company’s bottom line, turn over, pissed off customers….)

The good news is …

… the elites and the 20% who are doing well can do better and most of the people in the 74% bracket can also improve if – and it’s a big IF… they get training.

Whew, because the thought of having to let everyone go and start all over sucks.

Mike didn’t go out and get a new team… he got his quota busting sales team by investing only 32 minutes or less a week

Would you be willing to get everyone on your team crushing it by on investing 32 minutes or less?

Then keep reading.

Are you just winging it with your sales training or not doing much of any training at all?

Or Improvising?

Moving sales training from one “to-do” list to another?

This is important… because if you aren’t training… you can bet your competition is.

Mike decided he wanted the competition to be afraid of him, not the other way around.

And if you’re like Mike, you know that taking the time to figure out a great sales training meeting which engages, energizes and equips takes a lot of your time. 

Most likely it’s your precious weekend time scouring the internet, because you are too busy with the more important things during the week.

You know you need to train your reps. 

Anyone that is top-notch in their profession doctors, musicians, professional athletes- or even the weekend sports warrior trains.  The golfers go to the range before they play, the tennis folks and the runners warm up.  Heck, they even take lessons from time to time.

And since you know your reps are leaving thousands of dollars on the table… if you don’t begin training them on how to stop that bad bad habit… your competition will continue to get your deals.

So it’s time to take charge and get every dollar our there in your reps pockets.

I’d like to help. I’m Alice Kemper, Founder of

I’ve been at this for about 34 years, flying around the country and living life on the road.  Spending my days with sales teams all over the country and world. 

I’ve used all sorts of techniques to motivate sales reps to sell more, and nothing worked better than this resource I’ve put together for other sales managers who may be struggling to do the same – get their reps selling more day-in and day-out.

As an award-winning entrepreneur and top sales trainer and consultant who’s recognized in the Top 50 Sales Experts and Influencers to follow –  I am going to share the greatest gift I could ever give a VP of Sales, Sales Manager, or small business owner who is determined to drive more sales.

It’s my entire “training vault”… a treasure trove of proven sales training, leadership tips, cheat sheets, templates, systems and shortcuts to boost sales in any business.

A ‘training vault’ that sales managers use with over 66,500 sales reps in more than 30 different business categories  to drive 5% – 35% sales increases within 10 short weeks.

Inside the vault is a collection of bite-sized tested + proven sales huddles, motivational movie clips, 30-minute skill boosters that routinely (and reliably) bring in 5 – 35% sales increases for me and the sales teams who’s sales managers use them on a monthly basis.

By taking 32 minutes or less per week. And guess what –  some managers say they got those great results using training from the vault only once or twice a month.

In other words – it’s not like anything else you’ve ever invested in.

You’re busy, you don’t have time to write the sales meeting outline. 

But you can decide what day and time to gather your sales reps – live or virtual – for 32 minutes or less. 

Then with outlines from my vault in hand… you lead a dynamic skill boosting and revenue generating sales meeting.

Do you think you can make time for that? 

I hope the answer is yes, because if you can’t – you are going to keep getting what you got…  and that’s most likely is a team of reps who are under performing.

And besides that… your boss is bugging you, you’re stressed, worried and not going to get the big bonus check you were counting on.

You don’t want any of that.

So, turn that around.

Instead of your reps under performing – know they’re going to fill the pipeline with quality prospects, shorten the sales cycle eliminate discounting, break into those coveted target accounts and show you the money!

Is that worth taking 32 minutes a week  – or at least once a month?

These easy to deliver training meetings are all less than 32 minutes each!
The best is you get to have everything in the vault…
plus a whole lot more…for only $37!

See, I taught in the public school system before going into sales and then sales management.

I’m wired to do everything through training…that’s the “teacher” in me.

My kids tested in at one grade level and it was my responsibility for them to test out higher at the end of the school year (or I didn’t get to keep my day job).

I took the same challenge as a sales rep — I wanted, no needed — to bust any previous sales quota in my territory. I learned, I trained, I practiced and I won!

The same happened when I was promoted to sales manager. My job was to get my first team of 23 sales reps to bust any previous quota…and I turned our Monday morning sales meetings into instant skill builders.

End results — My teams always outperformed others in the region.

Sales Team Training — with the 3E Time Accelerator Technique

For you, I assembled my entire team (we have A LOT of really smart sales trainers) and we took all of our sales training courses and chunked them down to bite sized nuggets and added in the 3E Time Accelerator Technique – turning them into a system for producing results.

What’s the 3E Time Accelerator Technique?  It’s a face paced formula to engage, energize and equip reps with everything they need to make a difference on the very next sales call.

Add relevant and practical and you have the opposite of boring sales training to make a difference.

You have the sales training reps actually want to go to because they can see the difference the very same day.

You get access to a monthly mix of:

  • 30 Minute Sales Meeting skill boosters
  • 5-15 Minute Sales Huddle Energizers
  • 10 Minute Short YouTube Hollywood Amazing Motivating Movie Clips

See – everything is under 32 minutes!

And there’s more….

…we knew managers needed their own tips and resources – more than the sales training meetings to deliver to their reps… So we added:

  • Expert Sales Guru Interviews
  • Swipe Files, Templates, Cheat Sheets, Guides, and Tips on every aspect to build a top performing, top producing sales team
  • Sales Leadership Tips

…and that’s just to name a few!

Virtually every aspect of hiring, training, developing, motivating, energizing, coaching and growing a team to consistently meet or exceed sales quotas was developed in step-by-step easy to read and easy to use outlines for any sales manager in any industry.

Everything serious sales managers who don’t want the stress and do want their life to be easier because reps are beating their weekly sales quotas.

Then we put them to the test…

We handed these “Perfect Months” (as they’re more formally known) over to less experienced sales managers, sales trainers, and even highly respected sales people to test with their sales teams.

Our goal was simple. We wanted to accomplish 3 things:

1. See if someone – who wasn’t an expert – could follow the outlines and achieve similar results.
2. Discover if the training could be immediately relevant to any product or service.
3. Determine if sales people world-wide would use them to capture more sales.

The Result: SUCCESS!

Erik said, “If you can read, talk and tell time you can do this!’

Samantha’s team asked for more meetings just like these.

Two reps on Josh’s team closed big deals the same day because they used a sales tip from the morning meeting.

After 50+ successful tests, we decided to make ALL of our training, tips, advice and checklists…


available to VPs of Sales, Sales Managers, Training Managers, Training Consultants, Presidents of small businesses, everyone and anyone who has a role of developing people to meet sales quotas.

We call it “” (or “The Werks” for short), because that’s exactly what we are: A sales training solution company who mobilizes sales teams to drive sales and meet sales quotas consistently. We do it with sales training that works!

As a Werks Member, you get access everything – the Perfect Months, the Resource Tool Box, Expert Messages, Leadership Tips and Training Deals all year long.

A Monthly Membership unlocks a new Perfect Month (4 sales training meetings) each month.  We dictate the topic.

Or…your Annual Membership opens the entire year of Perfect Months (52 sales training meetings) at once – you get to decide whether to go in order or pick and choose because you know your team and what they need each week.  Plus there’s a $74 savings with your Annual Membership.

When we create new tips, expert messages, guides, cheat sheets – at least once a month if not more – both memberships have immediate access.

Here’s a quick look at a few of the Perfect Months that are already waiting for you inside “The Werks”

Better Questions – how to turn ordinary questions into extra-ordinary to be the strategic business partner your buyer wants to buy from.

Objections No More – discipline yourself to ask a questions rather than respond with your pat answer that works less than 50% of the time.

Advancing The Sale – maximize every customer conversation to move forward and shorten those long close cycles.

Faster Prep for Faster Sales ditch the winging it and use a 5 Minute Fast Prep Tool to close more deals

…and that’s just to name a few!

These Perfect Months are great for optimizing and reinforcing any training you may already have, and fill in what you don’t.

And by joining “The Werks” today, you have immediate access to boost your team’s skills and drive sales for results tomorrow.

Imagine, how it will feel to meet and beat sales quotas consistently, break into those coveted accounts, eliminate discounting, shorten the sales cycle and more!

The goal is to give you a power tool to turn a dull sales meeting into a high-energy and high-impact sales development meeting to super charge your reps to drive sales the very same day.

Just like Zack K’s team…  Zack got knighted sales manager in December to an under performing team of 7.  With some field rides, one-on-one coaching and using everything from the Sales Training Werks vault… Zack’s team was at 102% by the following April.

David from a high end advertising and consulting agency was thrilled when one of his reps came back from a client meeting with this story… Rajev converted a six month dormant client to re-sign going from 0 – $70,000 because he tweaked his sales presentations from the refreshers of every weekly sales training meeting.

Jon at an agriculture company was beaming when he finished his first two months of weekly sales meetings. Two of his reps said they will not pick up the phone to prospect until they have thoroughly researched their business site, Linkedin profiles and completed the Sales Prep Planner.  Once they made that commitment, the two reps were getting 7 out of 10 appointments.  


For $379 per year or $37 a month –  you get:

The Perfect Month Collection – one full year of sales meetings.

           A $3,995 Value

  • Every month there are four 32 minute or less meetings to select.  It’s simple enough that we’ve named them Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4 and you just click and download the pdf outline to follow!
  • Or… if you decide to only have one training meeting this month just pick one of the four.
  • Whether you use time in every sales meeting, two per month or even only one per month – you have all of these high impact, high energy sales meeting outlines to choose from!  How easy is that when you are guaranteed sales increases!

Leadership Tips – 101+ tips in 8 Categories – Coaching, Retention, Goal Setting, Motivation, Prospecting, Problem Solving, Ways to Increase Sales, Leadership

         A $595 Value

  • Even sales managers need a coach or tip from time to time.  Here’s a simple one stop place to go when you need answers to coaching, retention, goal setting, motivation, prospecting, problem solving and more.
  • Check off the ones you’ve read for easy reference or to know which ones to read the next time.

Resource Tool Kit – 30+ of our checklists, swipe files, cheat sheets, advice, guides, templates and more.

        A $795 Value.

  • Want to send your reps a motivational quote each week – use the 125 Motivational Quotes Swipe File.
  • Need advice on hiring right the next time – use the Timely Tips for Hiring Top Performers Checklist
  • Ready to break into that coveted Top Line Account – use the Top Line Account Executive Pre-Call Plan Form.
  • These handy resources save you plenty of time researching and are written by the worlds leading sales training experts.

Expert Messages – interviews with leading experts on everything from hiring, assessments, negotiating, trade shows, and more.

         A $295 Value.

  • Alice Heiman, Nancy Bleeke, Jennifer Leake, and yours truly (me)  – just to name a few- join this prestigious line-up of interviews – all 30 minutes or less… giving you the information you need to be a rock star sales manager.

Total Value: $5,680

As you have probably guessed, I’m not getting rich giving away my best stuff for $37 or $379.

Why am I doing this?

First, I’m so insanely invested in your success and my sincere hope is you’ll love what you see and choose to stay.

Second, my mission is to help 1000 sales managers earn their biggest commission check ever.  The best phone calls are from sales managers (like Mike who I told you about already), when they call excited for their reps to achieve their tough sales targets!

Third, I want the economy to grow and the pocket books of every person in sales and sales leadership! That makes this world a better place for us all.

Fourth, I want to do everything I can to help YOU reach your goals. And I don’t want price to get in your way.  My dear friend who leads a national radio station asked me to price it below $500.  Because anything over $500 goes up the paper laden maze.  With that in mind I decided a ridiculously low price would make the decision easier for everyone – big, medium and small companies.  This gives everyone more money for the coffee and donuts!

So, what are you waiting for?

What do you have to lose besides more sales? 

See, you won’t even lose your investment of $37 or $379 because our our money back guarantee.


You have nothing to lose with our guarantee.

Just cancel before the first 30 days are up, and you’ll won’t roll over to the Monthly Membership.

Heck, I’ll even send you two reminder emails that 30 days are just about up.

But if you do love it (and I think you will), you’ll automatically be renewed at our Charter Member rate of just $37 a month or $379 a year.

A paltry sum… (since prices are going up before the end of the year)… AND

…especially when compared to the time saved not having to scourer the internet looking for ideas for your next sales meeting –

…to deliver a sales training meeting reps actually want to go to (so much nicer when they like going to a meeting!)

…to engage, energize and equip your team to sell more day-in and day-out (imagine that!)

…to stop having your boss breathing down your neck and asking you when are the reps going to make target

….to earn your full bonus check because you are now dependent on everyone else to make your numbers

…and start living the stress free live with a sales team who consistently hits their sales targets!

Get Ready…You’ve Got All You Need So You Too Can Double Your Close Ratio Across Your Entire Sales Team in As Little As 32 Minutes Per Week!

In fact, I’ll make you a deal…

If your team isn’t able to make a sale during your first month to cover your investment of “The Werks” for at least the next two years, – or you simply find this isn’t for you –  I’ll insist that you bow out and look for help somewhere else and will return all of your money.

Again, that’s how confident I am in what you’re about to have.

Choose a payment option below and let’s get started…


  • A new Perfect Month unlocks each month.
  • Plus immediate full access to Leadership Tips, Expert Messages,Tool Box Resources, Office Hours and ‘The Werks’ Deals

money-back-logoYour investment is completely protected by our 30 day money back guarantee! There’s no contract to sign and if your team isn’t able to make a sale during your first month to cover your investment for at least the next two years – or you simply find this isn’t for you –  we will give you every penny back.