What do you want your sales reps to do?

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You are also time deprived.
Forget spending hours trying to figure out how to write high-impact high-payoff sales training meetings.

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We Call Them “Perfect Months” Because This Ain’t About Learning…It’s About Doing!

We’ve done the heavy lifting of writing bite-sized nuggets of highly interactive, highly relevant and high payoff sales training that sticks. All kinds of sales huddle energizers, amazing movie clips to motivate and 30 minute skill boosters.

If you can read, talk, and tell time… you (or a designated respected sales rep) follow the outlines, copy the handouts and engage, energize and equip your sales team to meet sales quotas consistently. With no more than 20 minutes of prep and 30 minutes max of a sales meeting, you own the perfect months of sales training to start driving sales on the very next conversation.


As soon as I saw salestrainingwerks.com I knew I had exactly what would (1) save me hours of prep and (2) give me the gift of high quality sales training content.  Building my team to meet our agressive quotas is my priority.  Now I have the best tool for the sales training piece.
Zachary Koenigsberg

Director of Sales, Lonerider Brewery

We are at a revolutionary time with a workforce of five generations working side by side.  salestrainingwerks.com solved my challenge of training this diverse workforce – satisfying each generation with these bite sized nuggets of top-notch sales training. Plus the invaluable resources for me to manage. The Leadership Tips are conversational, not confrontational, educational, relevant and actionable.  It’s all a win-win for me and for my team.

Mara Reuben

President, Park N Save


3 Quota Busting Templates

Top sales managers who use these 3 Quota Busting Templates to Increase Sales see a 3x Increase in only 3 Weeks!