“Greatness is achieved through the discipline of attending to detail. We had a simple catchphrase that we used, that said, ‘If we can do 100 things 1% better, then we can become world champions.’ Will Greenwood 2003 England World Cup Winner

Success doesn’t come from a magic bullet. So I set out to create my list of 100 things I could do better and realized it wasn’t so easy to come up with 100 things to take action on, yet actually think I could concentrate on that many actions at once!

To make this work for me, I am comfortable with selecting 10 items in my personal category and 10 in business as my starting point. My plan is to review these 20 every Monday morning and Friday afternoon and work diligently on taking action to make up my 1% improvement. Once the majority of these 20 are everyday habits, I’ll add more to the list! Now it’s your turn to write your list!


1. Respond to each inquiry within 30 minutes.

2. Send a thinking of you email with a tip to 1 customer per day.

3. Keep my email box to 50 messages maximum per day.

4. Write and review a to-do list every morning, or the evening before.

5. Eat My Frog on the to-do list first.

6. Complete my to-do list before doing anything else.

7. Opt-out of unrelated email blasts – eliminate any distractions.

8. Post in social media for 5 minutes each morning and each evening.

9. Praise each employee a minimum of once per week.

10. Make 1 extra call back per day.


1. Smile more.

2. Read my 10 affirmation cards each morning while getting dressed.

3. Write one surprise of the day in my daily journal. (This has gotten me GREAT new surprises each day!)

4. Call Mom (93) every day.

5. Every day, thank a different person that I communicate with via email, virtual meeting, or phone.

6. Drink more water.

7. Take my calcium pills every day.

8. Compliment 1 Linkedin connection per day.

9. Turn music on when in the house.

10. Jump rope 100 times on the days I don’t go to the fitness center.

What would you like to do 1% better to make a difference to sales or life?


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