It might seem like it’s a different sales world out there today.

Sales managers are being asked to drive results from a sales team that is possibly feeling beat up from the last year.

Yes, customers are seeking more concessions than ever before, and managers are being asked to produce the same sales – if not more – with less of everything from people to budgets to promotional materials.

As one seller said, “I am working 20 times harder for the exact same results.”

So as sales managers, if you haven’t literally ‘lost’ an employee from the pressure, you may have lost them psychologically.Sales Techniques to Energize your Sales Team

Sales managers, now is the time to personally create the environment where people not only want to work, but they want to excel.

Recently, Michael Hyatt, Chairman & Chief Executive Office of Thomas Nelson Publishers blog wrote in his Five Ways to Energize Your Team blog:

“People will only go so far in the performance of a duty. If you want their very best, you have to have their hearts. You can’t demand this or even buy it with a paycheck. You have to earn it.

In my experience, there are five ways to do this:

  1. Assume others are smart and working hard.
  2. Listen intently and ask thoughtful questions.
  3. Acknowledge the sacrifices others have made on your behalf.
  4. Express gratitude for their effort and their results.
  5. Remind them why their work is so important and the difference they are making.”

We like Michael’s list and have 5 more sales techniques to energize your team to add:

6.  Include others in the decision making process when the decision affects them.

7.  Admit when you are wrong, even if you are the boss.

8.  Make the invisible visible.  Display goals, analytics, progress.

9.  Encourage and entertain new ideas even if they come from others!

10. Believe in others more than they believe in themselves.

Remember, it’s not about you, it’s all about them!  Good luck as you energize your sales team.

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