So you want to grow sales, eh?

Every manager has a different way of doing this.Sales Growth

These 4 simple ways are so overlooked and that’s why sales managers struggle month after month to meet quotas.

Want to stop that hamster wheel?  Begin integrating these 4 Headsmackingly Simple Ways to Grow Sales and then call to thank me.

  1. Catch sales people doing things right. Everyone’s busy and spinning a lot of plates. Sometimes reps feel like they are in this alone. Yes, you may be there for them as a resource and to offer support but, may not stop to smell the roses and give compliments or accolades when your rep has done something right. Did you know that people work harder and stay at companies longer when they feel valued? Catching someone doing something right and giving an honest and sincere compliment is easy to do.
  1. Joint sales calls. The only way to truly know how someone sells is to observe them in action. What a rep says they said in the conversation may be very different than what actually happened. How can you truly manage sales if you aren’t in the trenches observing how they are blocking and tackling, mastering the buying process and presenting with authority?  Get out of the office and see your reps in action.
  1. Mini training meetings.  Too often the weekly or monthly meeting all about what we should do, what’s coming in the pipeline from marketing or what we haven’t been doing. Gosh, that’s not very motivating is it? Nor does it include any how-to’s. How to combat the most recent customer objections.  How to get your foot in the door – and stay there.  How to master the art to launch a conversation where the buyer knows they’ll be sorry if they don’t talk to you… all of these how-to’s plus more.  Imagine if you use 10 – 30 minutes of each sales meeting to boost skill sets and motivate how much more your reps could sell. (We’ve written these for you if you don’t have the time or wherewith all to do it yourself.)
  1. Coach. In Sales Benchmark Index’s survey of thousands of top performers, they said today’s sales reps seek out companies that have a coaching plan in place. Years ago Harte-Hanks Communications was ahead of the curve when they provided an Executive Coach for each sales manager (myself included). Consider yourself assigned as the Executive Coach for each of your reps to develop each one to their full potential. They want it and the outcomes of shorter sales cycles, less discounting, breaking in to target accounts, more closed deals and high retention of your sales team is worth the extra time it takes to coach. 

These 4 headsmackingly simple ways to grow sales is our secret sauce.  Sales managers who adopt these 4 ways own sales teams who out perform others in their company.  Move your team to the top of the leader board too!


alice-profile-round-170Don’t have the time to search the internet for good sales meeting exercises to motivate your reps to sell more?   We’ve done the heavy lifting for you.  Everything you need to lead a motivating skill boosting meeting.  Try it for a month. What do you have to lose – except more sales.