Do some of your reps mentally check out at the end of the month or quarter, while others continue to scramble to get the every deal closed?great-leader-depositphotos_107639544_s-2015

Avoid leaving any money on the table or worse yet – give it away to the competition.

The sales are yours for the taking because you look forward to seeing your big bonus check and you try your best to keep your boss from breathing down your neck.

So, to be certain your team is #1 on the leader board and you’re getting the recognition you deserve… try these 5 creative ways to close more deals and life will be good.

5:00 Blasts. Everyone calls in to a joint call at 5:00. In rapid fire each person tells one success of the day. End with a round of applause. It gets pretty competitive quickly to have the best success of the day. Reminder: Successes do not need to be closed deals. They can be as simple as I shut up and listened to the customer.

Top Important Customers. Call your reps best customers – one a day for… well ever! – Say hello and thank them for their business. Ask for their advice on something. There’s a WOW Factor in that as the customers will be pleasantly surprised.

Daily Ride Alongs. Okay, daily might be too many, you do need an office day here and there. Pick a number that works for you even if it’s one sales rep ride along per week for the year. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can help your reps tweak and improve their sales conversations. And their customers feel important too.

Beg or Brag. Once a month take a weekly sales meeting and offer the reps the chance to beg or brag. They can beg for help on an account or brag about something they did. Everyone listening wins because they learn something from each Beg or Brag to make a difference to their sales conversations.

30 Day Praise Challenge. Get an index card for each sales rep. Write their name at the top and list 5 qualities you admire in the person. Over the next 30 days find opportunities to praise them on their positive qualities or anything else they do or your see that is praise worthy. Be sincere in the praise. Praise publicly and privately.

“You can either be good at making excuses, or you can be good at making money, but you can’t be good at both.”

You want to win and meet the monthly, quarterly and year’s sales targets! The 5 Creative Ways to Close More Deals gets you closer to success.

What other ways have worked for you to motivate and energize your reps to sell more? Leave it in the comments box below.

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