Busy?  Caught up on the hamster wheel?  When’s the last time you stopped and checked in with your plan to meet your sales quota?

If you’re a sales manager making your plan is tough especially since what and how your sales team performs drive it.  Sellers tend to get caught up in every day life and work and often overlook taking a strategic review time – every month or at minimum every quarter.

5 Sales Questions

5 Sales Questions

For anyone interested in achieving their sales quota – stop now and answer these 5 questions:

1. Who?

Who is your best, highest probability customer or client?

How many of these are currently in the pipeline?

When’s the last time they were contacted?

How were there contacted?

Is it time to do something different?

Did the high probability client explicitly state their problems, opportunities, wants, desires, dreams or needs?

2. What?

What has worked well before to acquire these high probability customers? What crashed and burned that I won’t repeat.

What barriers are keeping me from advancing the sale?

What additional resources do I need?

What products and services match? What’s missing from the mix that I need to work around?

3. When?

When is the next meeting?

When do they need to change suppliers?

When will I know I need to bring in reinforcement?

4. Why?

Why do my best customers select me and my company?

What are the reasons behind the reasons – the emotional, intellectual, personal aspect?

How can I articulate that succinctly with my current high probability prospects? What current best customers match the current high probability prospects that I can have them call, get testimonials or create case studies?

Why aren’t the high probability prospects advancing to a sale?

5. How?

How can I position myself as a strategic business partner?

How can I differentiate myself from the current supplier or competition?

How can I remove the barriers that are keeping from advancing the sale?

What is the best plan with specific actions to move this relationship and sale forward?

Congratulations, you’re now on your way to close more deals!


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