Your sales success depends on a number of factors. Although there isn’t a blueprint as such but there are tips and tricks that you can embrace. The following are my 5 top tips and selling techniques that can help anyone starting out in sales or those looking to develop their sales career further.

Selling Techniques to Implement Now

Top Seller through Top Selling Techniques

Selling techniques to make you a top producer!

1. Treat your territory as if it is your business.

The territory that you have is your brick and mortar business. You constantly need to ask yourself, what do you need to do? And how can you do it, in order to make it profitable? Ethically of course! Create a business plan and include how you are going to maintain your key customers while developing strategies for new business.  Don’t get caught in the “this is how it’s always been done” trap. Yes do take inspiration from others, but dare to approach your territory differently, than what you are observing.

2. Recognize that status quo is the competition.

Sales people tend to think of competition as other companies selling a similar product and service.  Yet one of the biggest competitors is “status quo”.  Keeping with their current supplier or situation without a supplier rather than changing or adding your company.  Often your product or service means that the buyer needs to ‘change’ and that can cause some resistance with them.  The status quo is a difficult competitor.  You are being benchmarked to what they are doing now, which may be working well enough for them or that “the change” means extra work for them personally.  The key here is to talk with your customers as a strategic business partner (not a vendor) and find out where they are today, and where they need to be tomorrow. Highlighting the risks if they stay with the status quo and emphasizing the rewards by taking action.  With an engaging strategic business partner conversation, you’ll discover the compelling reason for the prospect to be willing to give up their status quo.

3.  Training and development are your best friends.

A good salesperson knows their product, market and customers.  A great salesperson knows that no one knows it all.  Training and development is essential for your sales success. People, markets and techniques are ever evolving and your sales success depends on how well you keep up and use it to your advantage. Top producers continually engage in self-development.  They read sales and marketing articles, books and attend webinars – without their sales managers telling them to do so.  They see themselves as a professional and like any athlete, musician or actor who has coaches or teachers or goes to training camps or workshops, top producers do the same. So ask yourself, “what else could I be learning that will further my success?”

4.  Benchmarking sales goals is essential.

This process is vital because it helps you to look at: where you currently are, what strategy you need for further growth and general improvements. It allows you to access your performance on a regular basis and allows for change, in costs, productivity, and sales time etc. Measure and benchmark close ratios, prospects in the pipeline, email responses, and average dollar per sale to name a few. Even if you’re doing fantastic in performance and you’re a leader in your field, there’s always room for improvement. Benchmarking allows you to continue sales success, forward thinking and enables you to be ahead of the rest!

5. Prepare and Plan, Prepare and Plan, Prepare and Plan

To be a top producer you need to sell more than others to a loyal customer base.  The customers are loyal because they know there’s been a mutual exchange of benefits between the buyer and seller.  These loyal customers continue to buy and they are your best promoters.  In order to sell and gain these loyal customers top producers plan and prepare.  If you ask the top producers what their magic sauce is, you won’t hear any of them say, “I don’t know, I just wing it.”   They plan everything – even though they may have been doing it for years.  They plan how they are going to launch each and every conversation, the questions they are going to ask and they even prepare for any objections, concerns or barriers they may encounter.

Being a Top Sales Producer is not easy but these selling techniques will definitely give you a boost. Good luck as you continue on your journey to succeed.


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