I don’t even know your team, yet I can predict whether they will hit their sales quota this month.

How can I possibly do that?

Humor me and grab a piece of paper and pen.

Create 9 columns.

In the first column list your sales team – one name per line.

In the other columns write the numbers 1-8 – one number for each column.


Now place a check mark next to each name in the respective column if they are guilty of any of these 7 reasons:

Reason 1:  What they say they do is different than what they actually do.

Reason 2:  Lack a well thought out plan before getting out of the car or picking up the telephone.

Reason 3:  Applies the 80% – 20% Talk-Listen Rule in reverse.

Reason 4:  Heard about happy ears, you hear what you want and run with it?  Your sellers have too much happy mouth.

Reason 5:  Neglect the upfront due diligence research – website, articles, Linkedin®.

Reason 6:  Ignore asking for referrals.

Reason 7:  Quick to discount when the customer questions the price – rather than sell the value.

Reason 8:  Too ordinary – sounds like very other competitive sales rep out there.

Each of these reasons is totally coachable.  That’s the good news!

How did you team fair?  Where did their check marks fall?  This may be the bad news!

Now, what can you do to turn it all around?

alice-profile-round-170For great coaching and skill building ideas to turn each of these reasons your reps aren’t meeting sales quotas around, check out the year’s worth of energizers, checklists, swipe files, cheat sheets, sales meetings and more.