Goal achievement. What successful business professional doesn’t want to achieve their goals? None that I know of, yet things get in the way – barriers/obstacles that we call “life” make it more difficult.

And sometimes the biggest barrier is us – our commitment falters and our follow through fails. The funny thing is, the energy wasted on excuses, guilt and avoidance are usually more than the energy spent getting what needs to be done, done!

Here are 8 quick tips for reaching your goals.

  1. Set a realistic goal – include the what, when, where and NOW (write it as if you were already “there”).
  2. Commit to it – verbally and in writing.
  3. Identify your real reward for achieving the goal.
  4. Share your goal with a stakeholder.
  5. Take action!
  6. Don’t ignore the barriers that pop up; acknowledge them and work through them!
  7. Celebrate your progress. Don’t just wait for the final end result. Many people need encouragement along the way.
  8. Find yourself off track?  Review your goal. Renew your commitment. Revise the goal and even Recycle it if necessary.

How does that sound? Monday is the perfect day to look at what you have to do during the week.  Not just the To Dos’ – the REAL actions that are tied into your goals.  Pull out your goals, renew your commitment and identify at least ONE action you can take to progress toward achieving that goal. Then follow through and DO it!

What do you think of this process? Is there anything you would add to the list?


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