Imagine you’re at a networking function.

You’re chatting with someone.

At one point you say, “What do you do?”Hand holding business card

And they say, “I’m just a realtor.”

What reaction do you have to that?

You may think:

  • How quickly can I move away to someone who can really buy or refer me?
  • They must not be any good.
  • Bet ya they just started.

If that’s what you thought about this person, it’s all wrong.

So happens, this person is a #1 seller of high end beach side homes, selling for over 25 years with a great life and lifestyle.

But that night, at this networking function with a room filled of financial planners, investors and lawyers, who’s client base are all high net worth people – that realtor didn’t walk out with any connections.

Which brings me to how are your sales reps introducing themselves?  What are they saying that is painting the wrong picture? 

What are their introductions costing in missed opportunities, referrals, leads?

If it’s worth investing 15 minutes to capture leads and introductions at the next networking function… try this:

  1. Place your sales team in two lines of equal people with pairs facing each other.
  2. Designate one line to extend their hand for a handshake and ask, “What do you do?”
  3. The other line is designated to answer the question, “What do you do?”
  4. In the line that is answering the question “What do you do?” – each person moves down the line, one-person at a time answering the question “What do you do?”  (the person at the end of the line circles back to the first line position)
  5. Repeat until they’ve introduced themselves to everyone in the stationary line.
  6. Ask those who heard the introductions, “Who’s introduction peaked your interest enough for you to want to say – “Tell me more.”
  7. Discuss the best introductions and why.
  8. With this newly discovered information, exchange the roles of each line.
  9. Rinse and repeat (of course looking for improved introductions!)
  10. Encourage your sales reps to improve their introductions.

Hopefully next time your sales reps are at a networking function they’ll maximize the introduction opportunities and instead of wanting to run away, the person they’re talking to will say, “Tell me more.”

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