I made good grades through elementary school because I was ‘teacher’s pet’ not because of my smarts.

It could have been because my sister – who is one grade ahead of me – is smart without even trying.

Every year I walked into school and the teacher gleefully said… “Another Kemper!”

Yet, it didn’t take long for the teacher to be disappointed that I wasn’t as smart as my sister.

I now know I am as smart… it just didn’t come naturally for me.

So I wish I knew this note taking tool that I’m going to share with you when I was much younger because I might have gotten my good grades because I was being school smart.

I’ve started following Jim Kwik who is a world expert in speed reading, memory improvement and optimal brain performance. He has tons of tools to learn and achieve anything in a fraction of time.

Jim says when you are a quick learner you are a faster earner, enjoy better relationships, have greater health and more fun time. Heck, sign me up for all of that!

Jim’s note taking tool goes like this…

1. On your note taking paper draw a line down the middle.

2. Title the left Column CREATE.

3. Title the right Column CAPTURE.

4. The Create column is your “note taking” on what you are hearing or reading. Notes such as tips, ideas, quotes, key findings, important points, etc.

5. The Capture column is where you’re “note making”. Note the impressions of what you are writing in the Create column. What you will do with it. How you are going to use it. The questions you may have.

Besides enjoying this new way of note taking in meetings, listening to podcasts and while speaking with prospects and clients, it’s helped me be more creative and insightful with the information I’m taking in. Solutions for my business and my customer’s business are more robust.

I’m already on my way to a new way to be a quick learner.

I now challenge you to try this!

This is just one tool of Jim’s to help unleash your true genius and brainpower to learn anything faster and to live a life of greater power, productivity and purpose.

My next test of Jim’s tools will take me a month. Jim teaches how to master reading one book a week for a year. I’m giving myself a one month test and will keep you posted.

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