About Alice Kemper

About Me

Hello, my name is Alice Kemper and I’m an award winning entrepreneur with several sales training solution businesses.

I am recognized as a top sales distributer for two leading edge sales training organizations for over 15 years.  Also winning the Spotlight Award for the distributor who went above and beyond.  The Association of Professional Sales Women honored me with Sales Person of the Year, and one recognition you won’t find on walls or published anywhere is – I was the 10th woman hired at a company with 870 sales representatives and was the 3rd woman to be promoted to Assistant Sales Manager.

SalesTrainingWerks.com is my latest business.  It’s focus is for more sales reps world-wide to achieve sales quotas consistently.  How?  By providing their sales managers with bite sized nuggets of high-impact, high pay-off done-for-you sales training meetings, energizers and motivating movie clips.

These are sales meetings sales representatives actually want to go to!

Sales managers are crazy busy and don’t have time, nor the where with all, to design and deliver a sales training meeting that works. 

I took our team of expert sales trainers (and I have a great team) and our top-notch big guns sales training. We chunked the best of the best down to bite-sized nuggets for sales managers to deliver short bursts of skill boosters.  To turn the reps who know but don’t do into selling machines!

My Story

My mother says I knew I wanted to be a school teacher from the moment I could talk.  I did teach in the public school system for 3 years and began classes for a masters to become a principal. During those 3 years I learned I couldn’t buy, live and save on a teacher’s salary and needed to do something else.

American Greetings hired me as a sales rep (Bernie Martinez believed in me, thank you Bernie) and within 2 years of excelling in the Tampa sales market, I was promoted to Assistant Sales Manager of the Miami District.  My responsibilities as Assistant Sales Manager was to field ride 4 out of 5 days, coaching and training all 24 sales reps.

Two years later an opportunity with Harte Hanks Communications came my way (a start up company at the time) with 2 inside and 6 outside reps.  I jumped on it, and within 3 years built an inside sales team of 22 to a full call center and and outside team to 33. The next year Harte Hanks asked me to turn around a business unit in Tucson and off I went.

By then, friends were calling and asking me to help with their sales teams.  So, in 1983 I launched Sales Training Consultants.  We’ve since served over 2200 workshops to over 66,500 sales representatives world wide.  With our clients boasting of 5 – 35% sales and productivity increases in 10 short weeks.

Fast forward, my book was always going to be 52 Sixty Minute Sales Meetings, until sales managers told me they would only give up 30 minutes max for sales meetings!  In 2009 I began selling our done-for-you 30 Minute Sales Meetings to sales managers world-wide.  Then our 5, 10 and 15 Minute Sales Huddle Energizers and our Amazing Motivating Movie Clips for Ambitious Driven Sales Teams.

Until, sales managers said, “This is all great, but there’s one problem.  Everything is in too many different folders and I’m spending more time that I want to go through each folder and select which training to do.  Can you give me THE PERFECT MONTH of sales training.”

Being the quick learner that I am, I took not only all of our great short bursts of sales training, but I opened ‘the vault” to everything else.  Over 100+ leadership tips, every e-book, template, checklist and interview I have.  And now it’s all in one easy place to give sales managers the gift of time and content – along with the biggest gift – a top producing, top performing sales team.

My Personal Life

I’m an avid golfer with a 14 handicap and constantly taking lessons to bring it down, yet it seems to stay there!

You’ll find me at several of the wildlife preserves bird watching, yes you read that right. I’m an amateur ornithologist and keep a growing bird list count.  My binoculars travel to every business engagement, as I never know what will be lurking outside my hotel window.

I’m passionate about philanthropy and chair Jewish Women’s Foundation with 50 active trustees granting over 1 million dollars today to women and children in need.

In what’s left of my free time… I try the new restaurants, go to movies and theater, travel (been to the North Pole to photograph the Beluga whales, and the back country of Alaska to photograph brown bears within 40 yards of me and my camera), study energy medicine, create jewelry and am a big gym rat.


Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Another part of my story is my goal to inspire you and your team in the right way.

Everything in our sales training resource comes from personal experience building my sales teams and the organizations we work with for over 32 years.  Everything is proven and tested and stays current with the new tools for the new rules of selling.

None of the sales trainings by themselves are an instant fix – far from it.

Building a top producing and top performing sales team who meets and exceed sales quotas consistently takes a lot of time, coaching, hard work, and patience.

My goal  is to give you two gifts.  The gift of time and the gift of content.  How?  With the best of best practices, proven and tested skill and will building tools, techniques, tips and more for you to build the quota busting sales team you deserve.

I hope that you enjoyed my story.

Once again, thanks alot for taking your time to read this. I look forward to connecting with you.