Have you ever had a perfect sales call?

Probably a few or more!  You know them, you’re prepared, you’re in sync and firing on all cylinders.overprepared

Striving to be perfect is a wonderful thing, yet some sales professionals’ need for perfection ends up being a barrier to higher success for themselves and their company.

Do any of the following scenarios sound familiar?

  • Spending hours finding the “right” font for the PPT slide.
  • Revising a proposal dozens of times and having several others look too.
  • Using online dictionary, thesaurus and other reference sources to find the “perfect” word to describe something in a follow-up message.
  • Focusing on the “what” of a presentation more than the “how” to tie into the audience.
  • Stressing knowledge and features when explaining what they do.
  • Working and reworking a message before picking up a phone.
  • Delaying contacting prospects because there isn’t enough yet (enough info, detail, specifics).
  • Not knowing when to stop looking for more information to add in – after all the Internet has everything if you search long enough.

Do you recognize any of these tendencies in yourself? Or sales reps on your team?

These are all signs of the “over-preparers”.

Many sales pros have some over-preparer tendencies, and sometimes they serve us well -yet many times they cost  more than is gained.

How much productive and proactive activity is not completed because of the focus on small details?

Are the gains a good return on the input?

When you identify who on your team is an over-preparer – rather than fuming behind the scenes… meet with the rep and discover what’s really behind it (lack of confidence or product knowledge?) and coach to turn the over prepared tendencies around.

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