Want to keep your reps happy?

One way is to give them quality leads or the right tools for them to get the best leads.

Too often companies hand over all inbound leads without pre-qualifying them or give broad directives to reps to go cold calling and it just doesn’t work out with the closed sales anyone expected.  No one ends up happy.

In my blog “Bad Leads Are Your Worst Enemy And One Way To Defeat It.” there are some really good tips to keep your reps happy with quality leads. 

Then Kenyetta at straightnorth.com came across the blog and I’m glad she did. 

Because straightnorth.com analyzed over 373,00 inquiries, consisting of more than 135,000 from submissions, and more than 237,000 phone calls totaling over 1 million minutes.

And they know which day of the week drives the best leads, what percent of your leads actually have the best potential to become customers and why you need a strong lead validation (pre-qualifying) plan!

It got even better. Aaron Wittersheim, Chief Operating Officer at Internet marketing agency Straight North shares this…

According to “The Critical Importance of Lead Validation” study, as many as half of a companies website conversions aren’t sales leads.

So, you could be tossing a lot of lousy leads into the lap of your sales team, causing them to lose valuable time that should be devoted to closing deals.

Pre-qualifying leads, otherwise known as lead validation, requires you to separate non-sales conversions (spam, empty forms, phone misdials etc.), from quality sales conversions.

This will have a huge impact on the efforts of the marketing and sales teams, mainly by giving the sales force confidence that the marketing department is providing it with valuable leads.

Furthermore, when the marketing team validates leads, it clearly sees what aspects of the campaign are working.

By knowing the online marketing source of every validated sales lead, as opposed to the source of every conversion, marketers are able to put more effort into marketing tactics that are delivering leads, building a bigger and better lead pipeline as time goes on.

Find more valuable lead validation insight in the presentation below:

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