“Our leads aren’t any good!” is a common complaint by rep’s whose company supplies their leads.

Sales managers who think this is an excuse better start thinking otherwise.


Just because a lead comes in via direct mail, phone or internet, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a qualified lead.

Yet often all of these leads go directly to your stellar sales team.

Your team makes the outreach and ends up spending their valuable selling time discovering you don’t have what they want, they don’t have the money or match the criteria for you, or they were using your lead gen as a lead gen for them!

When your stellar team invests more of their valuable selling time sifting through what they thought were the Glengarry Glen Ross golden leads, they get quite discouraged.  These reps aren’t making their targets, the number of dials don’t add up to the close ratio goals in place and no one is happy.

Consider this.. hire a qualifying team.  Allow this team to pre-qualify the lead and only send qualified prospects to your stellar reps.

Your ace team is now doing what they do best.  Converting prospects to real customers.

The dollars closed will outweigh the dollars invested in the up front team.

And your best seller will no longer be complaining about their leads.

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