It’s drilled in your head to turn features into benefits.

But what if you put the benefits on steroids?

Before I talk steroids, let’s take a closer look at what is actually happening with turning features to benefits.

Let’s take a pencil for easy sake…

This pencil has a soft easy grip.  (Feature)

Which makes it easier to hold. (Benefit)

or a car…

This car is red with a retractable hardtop.  (2 Features)

Which gives you the sporty look you are interested in. (Benefit)

Would you agree these are both Feature to Benefit Statements?

Sure, the feature is the hard fact, an aspect or characteristic of the product.

The Benefit is what you get or gain from the Feature.

Only Benefits on Steroids… now that’s where the sale is really made.

Because, if done correctly, you are directing the movie in their mind, painting the picture of the EXPERIENCE they will gain from the Benefit.

The pencil has a soft easy grip, which makes it easier to hold, allowing you to write smoothly for hours without any pain being slowed down from writing your manuscript.


This car is red with a retractable hardtop, which gives you the sporty look you are interested in.  Imagine yourself driving down the road, wind blowing on your face and people the the cars you pass looking at you with awe and envy.


Have a little fun at your next sales meeting with this bite-sized sales meeting exercise.

1.   Ask your team to select the most sought after features of your product and write their feature to benefits conversion.

2. Share the car and pencil examples from above.

3. Explain benefits on steroids and share those examples.

4. Pair your reps and ask each pair to turn their benefits to benefits on steroids.

Should be fun, interesting, and prove the point.  People really buy the emotional experience.  Bet your reps start ramping up teir benefits after this exercise and see a difference in their close conversions.




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