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5 Seconds to Powerful Decisions

5 Seconds to Powerful Decisions Do you have trouble making decisions? Not necessarily the big ones, little ones like: Getting out of bed as soon as the alarm goes off instead of hitting the snooze button 10 times. Speaking up at a meeting instead of remaining silent and wishing someone else would...

6 Surprisingly Effective Ways To Stand Out From The Crowd

If your reps are prospecting you better believe you are NOT the only one calling on that buyer! And if your rep is lucky enough for the prospect to call them… beware… they calling at least 2 other companies. So how do your reps differentiate themselves throughout the process?

Must Haves For Your Next Biz Conference

So, I’m wondering, are you having the right conversations before your reps go to a conference or trade show, because you want a better answer than I got too.
Here are my tips to gain a valuable ROI on their attendance… because from my experience… your reps are just glad they’re getting an all expense paid trip out of town and they are not necessarily doing the right planning.

I Didn’t Buy Because of Words

I didn’t buy because of Words. What do words have to do with whether someone buys or not? Plenty… on a recent purchasing experience I found myself resisting the sales rep and thinking, “I’m not buying from him.” And I left the store to go find another with the same...

Ever Been Wowed at Jiffy Lube?

I took an independent survey to 22 friends with this question: What is the first thing that comes to mind when you need to get your car serviced? Everyone responded, “I hope I don’t get ripped off.” Can you imagine being in the car service repair...

Stop Losing The Reps You Want to Keep

It’s a year later. This time last year Dan walked into his manager’s office and delivered the bad news. He was leaving. Another company in the same business category offered him a job with more base salary and higher commission opportunities. He would not be a direct...