A common Sales Fail is Ending the Call Without a Clear Next Step.

Because saying, “I’ll get back to you in a few weeks.” is… well we all know… the kiss of death.”

We train reps to end strong with clearly defined next steps.

One way is to recap the discussion, state each person’s next steps or actions to take and calendar the next appointment with an agreed upon date and time.

Recently several top performers shared a twist on lining up the next appointment and I believe this is a game changer to several Sales Fails.

Here’s how it goes…

Set an upfront contract for next steps at the beginning of the meeting.

It would go like this…

Thanks again for the appointment. Today’s agenda is to a, b, and c. Is this agreeable with you? Is there anything you’d like to add or remove?

Followed by….

Great. Once we complete the agenda items, we’ll determine whether you see value for you and your organization, and want to explore further. If we’re in agreement, we’ll schedule the next logical step. If you don’t see value for now, we’ll go our separate ways. Is that fair?

The top performers credit asking for a next step decision at the beginning of the call to more productive conversations with higher confirmed second calls.

It’s worth a try, isn’t it? Take the next 15 minutes of your sales meeting and share this tip. Print out the exact words the top performer reps use and determine the modifications (if any) your reps need to adjust before they begin their own tests!

Don’t forget, let me know how it works for your team!

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