How’s your year going?

This may be an odd question if you are reading this only a few days or weeks into the new year.  Yet with blogs, everyone reads them at different times and blogs are like a bad penny* – with the internet – they never go away!

Generating a great year for yourself personally and professionally is really a 365 day challenge.

Professionally – Sales managers and sellers feel the pressure to meet this year’s sales goals day in and day out.

Personally – Setting goals can be overwhelming since most of us have set goals and not always achieved all of them.  Every time you sit down again to review previous written goals and set new ones, there is a little voice that often whispers… “Yeah right. You didn’t achieve all of them what makes you think you’ll do it this time.”

Do you want to silence that voice?

Well, if you can’t quite silence it, there is a way to keep it quieter.

Have you hear of Vision Boards?

If you’ve never done one they are a lot of fun and useful.  At this point when I introduce Vision Boards to a mixed audience, the men do tend to squirm and groan.  However, at the end of the process – they’re glad they did it… and are often the first to report back about achieving their Vision Board.

So… please keep reading…

Let me share a quick tip on Vision Boards from the 30 Minute Sales Meetings Collection Creating Your Future Now.

TIP: Visualization supercharges sellers’ goal-setting activities.

Constructing a Vision Board for business and personal goals is a powerful way to ‘create’ the desired future today – and when these pictures are looked at over and over – incredible results happen!

Ask reps to bring in magazines they are willing to donate.

Provide scissors, glue sticks, markers and 11 x 22 poster board.

For 20 minutes, reps cut and paste pictures and words from the magazines of their goals, dreams, wishes and desires, thus creating a Vision Board.

Whether you create your vision board alone or with a group, it’s a good way to silence the ‘yeah right’ voice and use whatever’s left of the 365 days to Create Your Future Now!


Story behind the phrase ‘bad penny’ by

  • Pennies today are viewed as nearly worthless by many people (although not so many as a year ago), but when the term “bad penny” first appeared in the 18th century, pennies were serious money. This made them ripe targets for counterfeiters, and to reach into your pocket or purse and discover that you had ended up with such a counterfeit coin, a “bad” penny, was a depressing and annoying experience.
    • The only recourse available if you were stuck with a “bad penny” was to try to spend it as quickly as possible and hope that an inattentive shopkeeper would take it. But because everyone was trying to unload their “bad pennies” this way, according to the common wisdom of the time, your odds of encountering one, or even the very same one you had gotten rid of a week earlier, were quite high. Thus “bad penny” became an idiom meaning “an unwanted thing that keeps showing up.”