In the thirty some years of training sales people, I have found that one common reason they don’t close more sales…

… they forget to ask for the decision.

Ask for the order

Yes, they actually forget to ask – as strange as that sounds.

I notice they as so passionate about the presentation, when they finish presenting, they are quiet.

They think the ‘ask’ is implied and the customer will miraculously say, “Wow, that was great, let’s go.”

Instead the customer is quiet and the next thing the seller says is,

“ You probably want to think about it, right?”

What’s the buyer to say?

Of course they’ll say, “Right”.

The follow up calls sound like this, “What questions do you have? What do you think about what we talked about?”

And the rest of the conversation goes south and the competition most likely will gain the business.

A recent Genuine Sales Course Graduate shared an interesting conversation.

When she followed up with the prospect she decided to step up to the plate and ask what was keeping them from moving forward.  They told her they didn’t think she was really interested in their business. As she asked for clarification, they said she didn’t ask them to buy.

Imagine that! The client saying they WANTED to be asked to buy!

Here’s a tip to share with your sellers so they are constantly asking for the sale.

The Ask, Ask and Ask tips for closing the sale:

1. Ask, ask and then ask again. The first ask is to test the temperature. Find out if the buyer is hot, medium or cold. You’re uncovering what they are thinking and feeling yet not telling you unless asked. Some examples are: “Based on what we’ve discussed to date, how is this in alignment with achieving your initiative?” or “Will this solution meet your criteria for success?” or “What else do you need to know before moving forward with this plan?”

2. If the response indicates a medium or cold response – you as their business partner asks again for clarification. “What is missing?” or “Provide me some greater insight into that comparison.”

3. The third and last Ask occurs when you’ve answered the medium or cold response clarification questions and cleared up any misconceptions or misunderstandings or when you received an affirmative answer to your first ask question. This time you ask for your final buying action. For your business that could be a signature, a credit application completed, the next meeting, or the purchase order.

Now institute the ASK ASK AND ASK  rule to ask even if the prospect doesn’t seem interested at all!


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