It’s amazing… we’re already on Month 4 of the Fill The Pipeline Challenge.

Click on these links If by any chance you missed Month 1, Month 2, or Month 3  to get you up to date on the Fill the Pipeline Challenge.

Ashely wrote this about Month 3:  “The Swap Days proved to be very effective.  We got on the phone and everyone picked one prospect they were not getting anywhere with and suggested who they thought should get it.  How’s that for teamwork?!”

Brad mentioned… “The find articles took some time (was well worth it) and we even learned some new things as we were reading so many articles.”

Here’s a reminder of what the Fill The Pipeline Challenge is all about.

For four months, I’ll post a monthly Fill The Pipeline Challenge.

The challenge has 4 actions to take… one action per week.

You select the same day of the week to announce to your team the weekly pipeline challenge activity. You’ll also need to follow up and track how filling the pipeline is going.


Here’s the Month 4 Fill The Pipeline Challenge

Week 1:

Popcorn and Movie.  Send popcorn with a note to prospects saying something like, “The popcorn and movie are on me!  Go pop your popcorn, sit back and relax, and then click this link.”  The link is a video or demo on your website, video on the company’s or your personal channel, a message on Facebook or any other social media link.

Week 2:

It’s Your Lucky Day.  Select prospects who are really hard to connect with and send them a lottery ticket with a note:  “Don’t leave (insert benefit) anything to chance.  Let’s talk about how to make it really happen.  (Here’s my example:  Don’t leave hoping your team will make target to chance.  Let’s talk about how to make hitting target consistently really happen.)

Week 3:

Never Less You Persisted.  You’ve heard some resistance by now with your outreach. Your response (or rebuttal apparently isn’t working.) Stop the madness. Identify the most common reason you are hearing on why not to move forward and prepare two questions you can pose when you hear that resistance again.

Week 4:

Gather Successes.  It’s time to update your testimonials.  Call satisfied customers and get new testimonials.

Good luck… you are 4 months into the Fill the Pipeline Challenge.  In another 4 weeks, you will have completed four months and gaining on many hot prospects. 

Thanks for playing!