Month #2 Fill The Pipeline Challenge was a super success!

If by any chance you missed Month 1 and/or Month 2… click these links (Month One and Month Two) to get you up to date on the Fill the Pipeline Challenge.

Comments from Month 2…. Jason… the reps were on the fence about calling customers who had stopped doing business with them until one rep re-signed a customer. After that everyone made some calls and were pleasantly surprised at a warm reception and door opener.

Beth… we got 5 referrals from the ask for referral week. That was good for our team.

Here’s a reminder of what the Fill The Pipeline Challenge is all about.

For four months, I’ll post a monthly Fill The Pipeline Challenge.

The challenge has 4 actions to take… one action per week.

You select the same day of the week to announce to your team the weekly pipeline challenge activity. You’ll also need to follow up and track how filling the pipeline is going.


Here’s the Month 3 Fill The Pipeline Challenge

Week 1:

Swap Days: Review your pipeline and be honest, take any the ones who don’t return calls or emails for months on end and swap those with a colleague.

Week 2:

Article Days: Find articles of interest and email to prospects in the pipeline.

Week 3:

Brainstorm Days: Gather 3-5 colleagues, present a prospect challenge, listen to your colleague’s ideas on how to advance the sale.

Week 4:

Let’s Do Lunch: Change it up, instead of meeting in an office – invite a prospect to lunch.  (Corona update:  If possible, arrange to have breakfast or lunch delivered to the prospect’s home – if they are working from home. Otherwise, brainstorm with your team on creative ways to change it up as people are getting ‘zoomed-out’.)

Good luck… your team is on the way to turn hot prospects into customers.