It’s holiday season, very cold in some parts of the country and world and easy to get into the lazy mindset followed by the proverbial excuse that no one buys at this time of the year.  Ask any top producer what they do at the end of they year and you’ll be surprised at how they are capitalizing on customer contact and business strategy.

Year end 2014-2015

Year end 2014-2015

Here are some top performer tips to finish strong and jumpstart sales for the new year:

  1. Select key clients and send a holiday season gift.
  2. Pick up the phone and call clients and prospects and wish them a happy holiday season.
  3. Review your pipeline and fire the prospects who are wasting your time. They don’t really have a need, they are very happy with their current supplier and are not going to change, or haven’t returned your calls or emails in months. Either offer them to a colleague or place them in a quarterly contact program.
  4. Identify your best clients and create an ideal customer profile. Benchmark your current pipeline list to this profile. Prioritize from the benchmarks and set those as your 2015 Target accounts.
  5. Decide not to hide behind emails for the next 6 weeks. Pick up the phone instead of sending an email.
  6. Review your 2014 goals. What went well? What didn’t? Evaluate your performance vs goals. Take the time to write 4 goals for 2015 to include business, personal, and family. After you select the 4 specific, attainable goals decide the actions necessary to achieve the goals.
  7. Set a Top 10 Target Account list for 2015. Begin your drip campaign to include telephone calls, appointment setting for January 2015, researching their websites, finding interesting articles and sending the articles with a think you’d find this interesting note.
  8. Update your Linkedin profile, answer and even post a few questions in some groups.
  9. Clean out the clutter – in your office, desk, car, office drawers. When you have a cluttered workspace, it’s hard to de-stress and decompress.
  10. Commit to a pre-call planning form for each and every planned conversation. The British Army 7 Ps is an adage for Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance. Prepare only when you want to make a sale!


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