PrintIs there a line constantly out your door with your sales reps waiting patiently for your time and attention to unload their problems?

The good news is they come to you with the problem. 

The bad news…

… quite possibly you or the culture of the organization has trained the reps not to think or be empowered to solve problems.

Don’t worry, there’s really an easy fix.

Use this problem solving activity with your reps as they call or come to your office or even use this at your next sales meeting.

Step 1: As the rep to define the problem as objectively as possible.

Step 2: Next, ask the rep: “What does it look like when it’s working”?

Gee, the onus is on them to solve the problem! You listen and talk through their solution.

Viola, problem solved in 2 easy steps and you empower your reps to think for themselves!

Keep doing this and you’ll find a difference with the line out your door.

Instead of asking you what to do, they’ll come to you with a solution and be asking for approval!

The biggest reason to train your reps to solve their own problems.. because we only become better problem solvers when we get the experience.

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