Are you ready for your sales team to achieve more? Are you noticing they are in a slump or on a plateau? Do you think they are bored and need to be re-energized?

At some time in your life you probably made a conscious decision to achieve something. Sales Success Tips: Jump start today

You probably declared the goal (to yourself and/or others) and were mindful of the:

  • action steps are needed,
  • target deadline dates, and
  • personal accountability that is required.

With determination and focus, the goal had a high success rate of achievement. Often your sellers need someone else to light the fire in their belly and jumpstart them into action.

Find out what’s important to them, what do they want differently than where they are today. Help them articulate a goal and drill down to the importance level and what accomplishing that goal would do for them. It may turn out that the important goal is to take a family vacation. In order to take that goal they will need a certain amount of commission. To reach that commission means closing more deals. Are you seeing where this is leading?

Sales Success Tips

Once you help your sellers articulate their goal, determine the action steps and deadlines, here are a few extra tips to keep the momentum and focus on achievement:

  1. Select an Accountability Buddy. This is a person that has an interest in the seller achieving their goal, who will be their personal board of directors, and won’t get their head snapped off when they ask how the goal is coming along. They truly want the seller to achieve.
  1. Create a Vision Board: In addition to visualizing the goal in their minds-eye, creating a visual with pictures and words in a vision board is a daily reminder of what they are working towards and why they are putting in the hard work. Hang the vision board where they will see it on a daily basis – the mirror in their bathroom or framed next to their computer are a few places that they are sure to be seen every day.
  1. Recognize and give recognition. This is where you as the sales manager can keep the momentum going. It’s the One Minute Manager concept. Catch people doing the right things. Beware and be on the lookout for actions and small successes the seller is taking towards achieving their goal. Give the pats on the backs, praise, and recognition at every opportunity.

Look around at your team. Who can you help jumpstart their success?


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