I remember the days, at a previous job, when as soon as the sales meeting was over most of the 15 sellers met at a local breakfast joint and commiserated for the next two hours.  Then it was noon and who knows what everyone did for the rest of the day.

Why were we compelled to do this?  For two hours, on a weekly basis, we were told what we weren’t doing right.  We weren’t motivated to go running out the door and meet as many new customers as possible.  Were we still successful?  Some of us were… others weren’t.  Those of us who were, ignored their message and stayed the course with our own goals and beliefs that we could do well.  We also believed in the product, kept to ourselves and tried to ignore the negative.

What do you think those Monday morning sales meetings cost the company in productivity, sales, retention, and new hire training?  Lots, I’m sure.

Sales meetings are an untapped opportunity for sales training and people.  Keep these 3 E’s in mind – Energize, Engage and Equip – for the most successful sale meeting.

Great Sales Meeting Ideas


1. Sharing Excellence.  Spotlight several sellers for specific outstanding performance and/or allow the opportunity for sellers to Brag about themselves or a colleague.

2. Awards or Rewards. Everyone likes to get something.  Surprises and prizes are fun. If you announce the top seller for the week give them a Kudo or $10,000 Grand bar.  Did someone save a sale or go out of their way to help a customer?  Give them a pack of lifesavers. Spend some time in the candy aisle and get creative with your awards or rewards.


Engage and Equip

1. Make it Meaningful. Utilize 30 minutes of the sales meeting with an engaging skill building exercise.  Select a topic to build a skill or correct an internal issue.  Take what’s relevant and not working and turn it into a positive. For example:  There were more customer credits issued than usual last month.  Use that specific issue as the skill building topic for the meeting.  Do not talk at them!  Create an interactive exercise in groups of 4-5, pairs or triads to role-play or problem solve better solutions.  Discuss the small group suggestions with the large group.

2. Keep the “What Not’s” or “Need to Knows” to no more than15 minutes. Sure there’s information everyone needs to know.  Limit the information to 15 minutes of explanation not reprimands.  Presenting it in the negative isn’t going to get the outcome you desire.  And of course, open this to questions and discussion.  Make your meetings ‘safe’ to ask questions for understanding.

3. End with individual action plans. You’ve now completed a sales meeting that engaged, energized and equipped your sellers.  Before they walk out the door, bring closure to the topic with personal accountability.  Ask each person to reflect on what they learned, relearned or discovered about the topic and write one action they will take immediately to implement the information.  Now when they leave the meeting they are more likely to use the information because they have a specific plan.

Try these tips and see if there’s a difference in your next sales meeting.


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