When was the last time you exclaimed, “Wow!” from a customer service experience?

The lucky restaurants and bars in Catherine Bell’s territory got their “Wow!” on Valentines Day.

See, Catherine was a little down on herself for a slow sales week. She was wondering how to make the next week better. Valentine’s Day was approaching and she remembered how great she felt as a kid getting the little Valentine cards from her classmates.

Catherine decided she’d surprise her Top Ten Accounts with a Valentine treat… and a customized one at that.Catherine's Wow pictures

Each bag was stuffed with a “snack size” of different chocolates, and for those who are allergic to chocolate, regular gummy candies. Lonerider is currently promoting their newest brand Hoppy Ki Yay, and what better way to get people a sample then when it is wrapped up. So each bag came with a cold, fresh from the brewery, Hoppy Ki Yay.  And the gift card read, “Will You Beer My Valentine?”

Catherine used the 3 keys for creating a powerful Wow Moment for her customers.

  1. Unexpected. To create raving fans deliver Wow Moments when your customers least expect them. Your effort becomes much more memorable.
  1. Customized. Being out of the ordinary adds to the “I am feeling special” moment.
  1. Unconditional. Delivered without expectations or request for additional business.

If you take your customers for granted, they become easy picking for the competition.

Show your customers how much you care with Wow Moments and you are on your way to building long term satisfied customers, which is the best new business development strategy.

What’s your “Wow Moment’ going to be this week?

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