Have you noticed in January the blogs are all about kicking off the year strong to meet end of year quotas?

In June it’s all about the first 6 months are done, what are you going to do finish the year strong?

Then in October, it’s the last minute ideas to meet end of year numbers.Candidate qualification job interview

What happens all the other months? 

Don’t good managers ask their sellers on a regular basis where they are in relation to goals?

I’ve now read 25 of these kinds of blogs to find the nuggets to magically meet end of year quotas.

What I did find were the questions sales reps and managers should be discussing at the end of every month!

Here’s your Cheat Sheet of Questions:

  1. What’s the gap between what’s closed and the quota?
  2. How many new customers or upsells do you need to close the gap?
  3. Who’s currently in the pipeline that are far enough along to be those customers or upsells
  4. What resources (people or other) would help you close these faster?
  5. What specific actions will you take now to close those?
  6. What is the game plan to add others to the pipeline?
  7. What barrier is getting in the way of closing more sales?

Visit each sales rep each and every month.  Review these questions and watch sales soar. 


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