It seems Multitasking is today’s badge of honor.

The badge of honor used to be comparing how hard or how many long hours and weekends you’re working compared to others.

Today, over and over again, we’re hearing people say they work better when they are multi-tasking. 

Maybe I’m showing my age, only I wonder with all the different thoughts in one’s head for everything they are doing simultaneously – can it really help or is it emotional and mental clutter?

The Complex Modern Man Magazine wrote:

“Have you tried writing a letter or an article while singing a song? It seems impossible to do these things at the same time. You’d probably sing the article that you’re writing, write the song that you’re singing or write the article mixed with the song lyrics while singing the wrong lyrics.”

When the customer and advancing the sale is important – avoid multitasking.

It actually takes more time to get things done when you try to multitask.

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People who are interrupted – and therefore have to switch their attention back and forth – take 50% longer to accomplish a task. (John Medina, Brain Rules)

One of our mantras in our seminars is to WAIT.

Wait before you pick up the phone, begin writing your proposal, or walk in the door (live or virtual) for the sales call.

As you WAIT – gather your thoughts, refresh or collect historical data and/or thoroughly prepare how to launch the conversation, the questions are you going to ask, the objections might you get and how are you going to answer them and prepare for the commitment and actions you plan to ask and set before leaving.

You really are not waiting if you are looking at email, texting or anything else.

Sellers that WAIT and use a planning tool such as our Quick Prep Tool, show 17 – 25% increases in productivity and/or sales.  What would a 17 – 25% increase mean to you?

If you don’t have our Quick Prep Tool here are a few highlights to help you WAIT when multitasking should be put on hold.

1. Identify an upcoming customer contact.

2. Determine the objective of the call.

3. Recap what you know and make a list of your need to knows.

4. Write specific questions to ask to confirm your ‘knows” and ones that will discover “the need to knows”.

5. Identify any objections or concerns the contact may have.

6. Write specific questions to clarify the objection/concern or write a response including a benefit to them.

7. Determine the final action and steps to end the call.

So, is multitasking good or bad?

It’s has it’s place – just do it at the right times.

What do you think about multitasking?  Let us know!


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