Our friend and business colleague Marlene Chism recently launched her book Stop Workplace Drama.  She points out that we think over 60,000 thoughts per day and 85% of these thoughts are negative or repetitive and that negativity is a habit for most people.  Is your team spending more time complaining about the new software system, or what’s not fair or the economy?  If they are, and we bet they are – what is that costing you in time, money and loss of productivity?

We asked Marlene for 5 practical tips from Stop Workplace Drama.

Tip 1: Never catch anyone off guard. Always correct in private and do it in a positive team-oriented approach with the intention of bringing out the employee’s best.

Tip 2: Never let employees come to you tattling about other employees while requesting you keep it a secret. When Jane comes to you and says, “Charles is unhappy about the schedule and I thought you should know,” your response should be to tell Jane that Charles needs to come to you himself. Then invite Jane to fetch Charles. This will stop the game playing.


Tip 3: To minimize victim behavior, ask for what you want instead of complaining about what you don’t want. Your productivity will drastically increase and you won’t spend your time putting out fires.

When you are confident that you are responsible for the contents of your life, you cannot continue being the victim for long.


Tip 4: What you focus on expands. If you concentrate on what is not working, you get more of the same. Focusing on the negative simply breeds more negativity. Instead of complaining about what isn’t working, ask for what you want.


Tip 5: If you want to coach someone else out of resistance, make sure you are coming from clean energy first. Don’t take action if you are feeling resentful, or if you are judging yourself or someone else. Once you are starting from a solid place, then you can decide what action isn’t working.


We recommend Marlene’s book, Stop the Workplace Drama http://www.stopworkplacedrama.org and take the steps to stop the drama and increase the productivity you need and want.

What workplace drama do you experience?


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