Ever wonder why people buy your products or services?

Could it be they seek value, not price?

Value is in the eye of beholder – what they believe is what’s in it for them.

The product or service is going to either please, accomplish, fix, avoid, save or make better.

So don’t be fooled when your sales reps tell you if they could reduce the price, they could beat the competition and sell much more.

It may sound tempting to lower the price, only are you really in the discount business?

And do you really want the ‘price only’ buyer as a client?  They are quick to leave, tend to be the more difficult customer and eat up tons your sales reps valuable selling time on trying to get more for free.

Instead of selling on price, build your sales reps confidence on the value offered by your products and services Click To Tweet so discounting isn’t even an option for them.

Try this activity with your sales reps and watch discounting go away and closing deals based on value soar.

People Buy Value Activity

  • On a flip chart or 8×10 handout create 5 columns.
  • Title the first column Value
  • Place your company name in the second column
  • Select 3 competitors and place there names in the remaining columns.
  • In the Value column, list everything your customers get or gain when they buy from you.
  • Place a check mark next to each Value in the column under your company name.
  • Take each competitor, one at a time and ask whether they produce the Value – one Value at a time.
  • Place a check mark when they do and and x where they don’t.

Once the chart is complete, discuss and evaluate the comparative value.

Your sales reps will have a new appreciation for your products and services.  With a new belief in product their sales will soar.


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