The following blog was originally published on January 25, 2016 by Lynn Hidy of UpYourTelesales. Lynn, along with 4 others, and I are in a monthly business accelerator mastermind group with Women Sales Pros. We are amongst the leading sales and leadership training and consulting solution providers in the B2B and B2C and now B2All world. Lynn shares the insights of Lisa Magnuson, Janice Mars, Shawn Karol Sandy and myself when asked “What’s the one thing you say over and over again when working with salespeople and sales leaders?”

Just because the idea is simple, doesn’t make it easy to implement” is a catch phrase of mine that everyone who’s been in one of my training programs has heard.

Many times it is shortened to “just because it’s simple – doesn’t make it easy.”

Sales theories and techniques are typically not complex, yet their simplicity doesn’t make changing a habit or implementing something new any easier.

I was in a discussion with four AWESOME sales professionals I know, so I asked them to share the one thing they seem to say over… and over… and over again with salespeople and sales leaders they work with.

Here they are:

“The best indicator of future success is past performance.” ~ Lisa Magnuson Share on X

Lisa uses this concept with sales leaders to discuss their people. As well as in RFP responses she helps her clients write, to demonstrate to prospects or remind current customers that her client is a safe choice since they have a history of solid performance in their product or service area.

Lisa Magnuson is an expert in corporate strategic sales and TOP Line Account™ revenue building. As a respected sales consultant and author, Lisa works with clients to build successful strategic sales programs that drive revenue from large new accounts and enable growth from existing high value customers. Learn more at http://www.toplinesales.com

“Get out of the office and into the car with your sales reps.” ~ Alice Kemper Share on X

Don’t complain about poor performance, lack luster sales or lost deals if you are never in the field or on the phone (with inside reps). How the heck can you possibly know what the reps are saying and doing? How can you effectively coach if you don’t really know? Would the coach of a championship team stay in the office and coach from there? Heck no. Then why are you doing that?

Since 1983, Alice Kemper of Sales Training Consultants and Sales Training Werks mobilizes sales organizations to maximize sellers’ time and make each conversation matter to advance the sale, eliminate discounting, increase close ratios and close more deals. Check out her Quota Busting Templates to Increase Revenues 3x in 3 Weeks at  www.salestrainingwerks.com

“No two sales opportunities are the same.” ~ Janice Mars Share on X

Many times, when discussing a specific opportunity, a sales rep will say that one sales opportunity is just like another. However, this is impossible unless the exact same people at one company all moved to the other company and all extenuating circumstances were identical.

The minute we say that one sales opportunity is the same as another, we are not taking into account that we sell to people. It is important to understand the everyone we sell to potentially has different desired business outcomes, different priorities, different experiences – both good and bad, and different risk tolerances. Never forget to take account that we sell to people, people are individuals and we should treat them as such.

Janice Mars and http://saleslatitude.com/ helps companies make their selling teams more successful. We provide practical sales processes and tools, guidance and coaching that enable your organization to improve sales performance and consistently reach your revenue goals.

“Maintaining the Status Quo is a gift to your competitors.” ~ Shawn Karol Sandy Share on X

Your customers will only tolerate mediocrity for a short period (if at all). If you’re not challenging yourself, learning, growing and differentiating yourself FOR the benefit of your customers, you will be replaced.

Shawn is the founder and Chief Revenue Officer of http://www.thesellingagency.com/ a strategy + action firm that builds revenue engines for small and mid-sized businesses. Her firm creates competitive differentiation and “Selling Organizations” that leverage talent, resources and technology to increase profitability, scale growth and neutralize competitive forces.

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