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“This is the best of everything I have, chunked down into bite-sized pieces for high impact, high pay-off sales meetings. Sales managers don’t need to invest another weekend figuring out what to do at their next sales meeting. Now they have a variety of relevant and interactive sales meetings that stick.”
Alice Kemper

President and Founder

Get INSTANT ACCESS to my entire collection of bite-sized nuggets of quality sales training that sticks!
Get more out of your sales meetings! Sales managers asked and we delivered. We recently made a big decision! Take EVERYTHING we do and build a thriving done-for-you one stop training and leadership resource center. Every sales huddle energizer, amazing movie clips to motivate, 30 minute sales meeting outlines to boost skills, templates, cheat sheets, swipe files, expert messages, leadership tips and more. Everything’s in one place, easy for any sales manager to get to quickly.
So if you want to:

  • Build the skills of Top Performers – there’s The Perfect Months. Each Perfect Month comes with an overview and outline for 2 Sales Huddle Energizers, 1 30 Minute Sales Meeting Skill Booster and 1 Amazing Movie Clip to Motivate Ambitious, Driven Sales Teams.
  • Be the leader you want to be – there’s over 100 Leadership Tips in 8 categories – Leadership, Coaching, Retention, Goal Setting, Motivation, Problem Solving, Prospecting and Ways to Increase Sales to hone skills and lead.
  • Learn best practices from leading edge training experts – there’s the Expert Messages. A series of interviews with Alice Kemper to start and coming soon more interviews from today’s leading edge sales and leadership experts.
  • Ask the experts your most pressing questions – Monthly Office Hours with Alice Kemper is going to be live with open mike, and other invited experts. Here’s a chance to learn from the experts – it’s like a free consultation!

In short, if you need to succeed in growing your sales team to meet sales quotas consistently, we will show, tell and give you everything you need to deliver it like a pro.

Just exactly what you need so you can:
  • Never spend another minute struggling to figure out a good sales meeting
  • Build a quota busting sales team
  • Deliver the sales training meeting sales reps actually want to go to
  • Own the top sales training expert’s collection of bite-sized nuggets that stick
  • Use the top-notch training for bottom-line results as do leading companies worldwide

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There’s no contract to sign and if you don’t find your sales team has brought you in 3x your investment in the first 30 days… we will give you every penny back.

You have an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee! I am prepared to tell you everything I know and help you take the fast-track to business success.

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money-back-logoYour investment is completely protected by our 30 day money back guarantee! There’s no contract to sign and if you don’t find your sales team has brought you in 3 times your investment in the first 30 days… we will give you every penny back. You have an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee!
As soon as I saw salestrainingwerks.com I knew I had exactly what would (1) save me hours of prep and (2) give me the gift of high quality sales training content.  Building my team to meet our agressive quotas is my priority.  Now I have the best tool for the sales training piece.
Zachary Koenigsberg

Director of Sales, Lonerider Brewery

We are at a revolutionary time with a workforce of five generations working side by side.  salestrainingwerks.com solved my challenge of training this diverse workforce – satisfying each generation with these bite sized nuggets of top-notch sales training. Plus the invaluable resources for me to manage. The Leadership Tips are conversational, not confrontational, educational, relevant and actionable.  It’s all a win-win for me and for my team.
Mara Reuben

President, Park N Save

I have been using Alice Kemper’s www.SalesTrainingWerks.com for me and my clients for two years. Wish in years past I had something that was this easy and customizable for all industries… as well as something that is so appropriate for all sales levels. Love that it is highly interactive, engaging and provides great skill boosters. If you struggle with productive meetings to improve your sales teams performance quit struggling!! Alice has put together an incredible program that will help you immeasurably and help your team perform better than they would with your hit and miss sales training with them.
Debbie Mrazek

President, The Sales Company

Alice is a remarkable trainer and coach. I worked with her several times over my career as a media sales rep, a Sales VP and as a publisher. Yes she uses a selling system but she is no robot. She teaches sales as a noble profession, a career choice that demands hard work and integrity. More than a trainer I have come to see Alice as a business partner. We have had aggressive conversations that caused concern for the others in the room. Our discussions always result in better outcomes/results. Alice comes to your business with a genuine desire to help you and your team grow as people and as sellers. From my experience if you want to be babied and coddled then she may not be for you. If you want someone that cares, commits and even fights for your success then you should talk to Alice.
Robert Lee

New Business Developer