Motivating employees isn’t an easy task especially since motivation comes from within.

As a manager and leader it’s how you activate each person’s personal achievement drive – what I call the fire in the belly – and bring it out.

Seamless vector pattern of chain saws on a blue-green background, painted by hand.I’m also an admirer of bringing fun to the workplace and the creative ways managers build their people from the inside out.

Ernie Capabianco, CCEo of Sq1, a digital conversion optimization agency, motivates by awarding the Red Chainsaw Award. The recipient of this fine award has gone well above and beyond the call of duty – they have cut through the normal bull to produce exceptional results. The recipient is announced during a staff meeting and their name is added to the plaque with all previous winners.

What are you doing to recognize and reward?

Is there a creative award for your team?

As you ponder new ways to recognize and reward consider these tips:

  1. Find ways to appreciate and recognize people.
  2. Recognize publicly.
  3. Rewards count too.
  4. Rewards are tangible and intangible.

Do something today to recognize employee achievement and you’ll reap the rewards.

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