Some of you that know me, know I’m the chair of a charity who’s mission is to award grant dollars to organizations promoting better lives for women and children in Boca Raton, Florida and Israel.

I’m a ‘lay person’ in my chair position and work with a staff person, the Director of the granting organization.

Recently there was a national conference and the Director is planning to attend.

It dawned on me to have the same conversation with her as I would if she were one of my sales reps or trainers going to a conference.

And I’m glad I did.

Because when I asked what the specific objectives of going to the conference were… the answer was to network. Ugh. That’s NOT enough!

So, I’m wondering, are you having the right conversations before your reps go to a conference or trade show, because you want a better answer than I got too.

Here are my tips to gain a valuable ROI on their attendance… because from my experience… your reps are just glad they’re getting an all expense paid trip out of town and they are not necessarily doing the right planning.

Before Leaving Questions

1. What motivated you to select this conference to go to? Or When your boss said, “I’d like you to go to this conference” what thoughts came to mind for yourself personally?

2. What three specific objectives do you have once you are at the conference?

3. How will attending this conference improve you, your thinking, your business?

While There Questions

1. What did I do today to get me closer to achieving my three objectives?

2. What was the most impactful message or idea I gained from each speaker I heard?

Immediately After Questions

1. What are the 3 actions I will take to improve my thinking, process, businesses, or strategy?

2. What action/s am I taking immediately?

3. List the action/s actions I will need more time, people or resources and set the deadline to complete.

Use these tips and it should be a much better experience for them and ROI for you. Everyone wins.

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