It doesn’t matter what month, week or day of the year it is…

… it’s always a good to be filling the pipeline with quality leads because that may be the only way to meet your year end goal.

Rather than it be a thorn in anyone’s side… let’s turn filling the pipeline into a fun and innovative challenge.

So instead of giving out a mandate to reps to fill the pipeline, you can be a great coach with this Pipeline Challenge.

The Pipeline Challenge has 4 actions to take… one action per week.

You select the same day of the week to announce to your team the weekly pipeline challenge activity.

You’ll also need to follow up and track how filling the pipeline is going.


Here’s the Month 1 Fill The Pipeline Challenge

Week 1:

Top 10 List: Create a Top 10 List of Your Ideal or Most Desired New Customers

Week 2:

Top 10 Linkedin Research: From your Top 10 List of Week 1, research contacts and/or possible champions from each company

Week 3:

Top 10 Company Research: Look at your top 10 List’s websites. news feeds, etc. and set up Google Alerts

Week 4:

Top 10 Calls: Call the 10 Top List (prepare a great conversation launch!)

Good luck… in 4 weeks time you will be gaining on new hot prospects in your pipeline.

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