Wow. I heard great things from Month #1 Fill The Pipeline Challenge!

Ethan… the suggestion to research multiple names of people on Linkedin for possible champions paid off.

Shielle… we got away from our Top 10 List and this was a great reminder to get back on track

Sean... we got together as a team each week and by breaking the process into smaller pieces made it more manageable and fun.

Here’s a reminder of our Fill The Pipeline Challenge.

So far I’ve created a four month Fill The Pipeline Challenge.  Each month I’ll post a monthly fill the pipeline challenge.

The challenge has 4 actions to take… one action per week.

You select the same day of the week to announce to your team the weekly pipeline challenge activity. You’ll also need to follow up and track how filling the pipeline is going.


Here’s the Month 2 Fill The Pipeline Challenge

Week 1:

Referral Day: Ask each customer you speak with this week for a referral

Week 2:

Past Customer Day: Call past customers who discontinued service

Week 3:

Procrastination Day: Do the one thing you’ve been procrastinating about doing

Week 4:

Thinking About It Day: Call past prospects that told you they were ‘thinking about it’

Good luck… in 4 weeks time you will be gaining on new hot prospects in your pipeline and turning hot prospects into loyal customers.  Watch out because meeting those sales targets will be easier with better new customers!