by Nancy Bleeke

Lately, we’ve seen salespeople become a bit paralyzed as they look at all the activities they could be doing to make more sales. Don’t let that ‘I’m overwhelmed’ feeling stop you. Instead of thinking you need to do 20 different things today, focus on the power of one.

Today, make the time for one more:

  • Phone call. Who do you want to connect with? Take 5 minutes to prepare your objective, how you will engage them when they answer the phone, what you want to find out and the next step. Then pick up the phone! Be prepared to leave a great voicemail message if they don’t pick up.
  • Message. What information can you send to someone as a follow-up? Is there something you promised that you can get out today? Is there an article or blog post that might be of interest to them? Send it by email or regular mail.
  • Note. Handwritten notes/cards are a powerful connection! Select someone who you haven’t connected with in a while and send them a note. Don’t make it specifically about your company, product or service.
  • Action item from your plan to achieve your goals. You do have written goals don’t you? Review your goals and select one action you can take today that will move you closer to achieving that goal.
  • Question. What information do you need from a client, prospect, or internal team member? Craft a good open-ended question and then ask the question. If you are in a meeting – with a client or internal team – ask one more question before ending the meeting.

What’s one action can you take today for a big pay off later? Let us know in the Comments section.


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