The 2013 Aberdeen study of 230 organizations found that 90% of companies believe their employees make the decision to stay or leave a company within the first year. 

As a leader establishing a quality onboarding program that goes beyond the first day, first week or first month is crucial.Do you like your job?

Consider implementing these ideas and programs to retain your new hires. After all, you invested a considerable amount of time and money to select the very best.

  1. Peer to Peer Mentor

In addition to their immediate supervisor, team the new hire with a colleague and not necessarily the colleague that has been on the team the longest. Your 6, 9 or 12 month newer hires have worked out some of the bugs already. Plus they were assigned a peer mentor and now it’s their turn to share what helped them.

  1. Continuous Education

Please avoid the sink or swim routine. Just because you hired someone with experience, doesn’t mean they can sell your products and services they way you want/or need them to go to market. Establish a long term, ongoing, education program. Even top performers want to better themselves.

  1. Empower Early

Great leaders allow their sellers to make their own decisions and even fail. Establish the minimum of 2 rule. When a seller comes to you for help, advice or answers, ask them offer 2 suggestions and/or recommendations first. You’ll be surprised at how their answers will either mirror your thoughts or bring on an even better idea. This keeps the monkey’s off your back and builds confident problem solving team members.

Remember, just as you are evaluating their performance they are doing the same about you.  Show that you sincerely care, create a rewarding environment, build to the talents you hired and you’ll retain your top producing sales hires.

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