You’ve decided to joint ride with one of your sellers and you’re all in the  prospective client’s conference room. 


• Don’t like the direction of the conversation

• Think the seller is handling this poorly

• See the customer is tuning out

• Observe the seller talking non-stop

• Can’t stand not being the one selling

So you cut in and take over the sales conversation.

The prospective customer switches their attention to you and the seller becomes an ornament.

You may have saved the day and closed the deal, possibly only advanced the sale or determined this is a prospect to let go.

In either case, what really happened here?

You took over, undermined the seller, and risked future credibility with the seller/client relationship.

Ouch, that hurts.

Now that you know what not to do, here is the #1 Tip to capitalize on joint sales calls.

#1 Tip: Pre-determine when, if, and why you will join the sales conversation.

Plan in advance with your rep on how to collaboratively participate.

A good rule of thumb to agree on is –  if you see the call going south, the rep is talking too much or the customer is tuning out, the best way for you to participate is to ask a question.

This allows for a pause in the conversation, engages or re-engages the prospective client and everyone re-groups.

Once the client answers, sit back as your rep will take the lead again.

I know it’s tough to not jump in.


Thomas Edison tried 100,000 times before he got it right. Your job as a coach is to allow your reps to fail also and learn from their mistakes.

Asking questions and turning it back around is more valuable than taking over.

Which reputation do you want as a coach – the day my sales manager rides with me is the kiss of death – or the best day selling is the day my manager rides with me?


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