Last week I spoke with a manager at ADP and Lonerider Brewery about the highs and lows of managing a team. The highs column were: rewarding, exciting, every day is different, challenges me, and learn a lot about people.

The lows column: feel stretched, constantly motivating others, worry about meeting numbers, time deprived and keeping the right mindset. Perhaps you are like these two managers. When they both mentioned the right mindset, it reminded me of an activity generally done at the beginning of each year. In retrospect this activity is helpful yearly, quarterly and even monthly because it will reduce the anxiety in the lows column and increase the adrenaline in the highs.

What I like most about it… it’s done on one single sheet of paper in only 15 minutes! Here’s a Creating-Future-of-Transformation-Wksht.pdf along with the instructions below.

Creating My Future of Transformation

  1. Title the page: Creating My Future of Transformation
  2. Write these 5 categories on one line under the title (use as reference):
    • Professional
    • Finances
    • Physical
    • Relationships
    • Recreational
    • Spiritual
    • Other
  3. Place the Date
  4. Draw a line down the middle of the paper.
  5. Name the left column MORE OF (what to increase)
  6. Name the right column LESS OF (what to decrease)
  7. Fill in each column reflecting on the categories listed.
  8. Fill in Last (month, year quarter) Accomplishments
  9. Completing and Putting Closure To

Here is an example of my personal list: 

MORE OF: collaborative clients, ideas for done-for-you sales meetings, people to interview, learning, partnerships, referrals, coaching clients, writing 4 tips at a time, writing blogs, money saved, new work-out routines, more golf lessons, reflection, movies, reverse engineering, spontaneity, fun, social time with special friends, entertaining at home

LESS OF: Working at night or weekends, self-imposed pressure, paper piles, doing it by myself, clutter, eating bread!

Last Months Accomplishments Completed home remodel, Engaged with new marketing firm, Visited god-son and new baby, Coached 3 new clients, Mentored friend’s daughter, Watched every Sunday Raven’s game with 90 year old mother

Completing and Putting Closure To: Completing Nick Ortner’s 21 Day Challenge to Manifest Your Greatest Self, Gaining video testimonials for new marketing campaign, Deciding on final furniture selections for home remodel

Try this with your reps for a few months and let me know about you and your team’s transformation!

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