Objections are a given in every sales conversation.

How your reps respond makes or breaks the likelihood of a sale.

Most reps tend to have a pat answer to most objections.

When I ask reps, “How’s that working?”

They smile or smirk – and respond, “It’s a 50/50.”

Gosh, that leaves plenty of money on the table and the perfect set up for your competition to get the deal and not your rep.

Are your reps doing the same?

There is a way to eliminate objections with the ultimate way to cut out objections.

How? Bring them up before the customer does!

Sounds crazy, but it’s not. Work the objection into the sales conversation – especially for the consistent objections.

Let’s say your team is selling fences. Customers will often say, “I can get the same fence for less.”

To avoid getting zapped by the customer with this kind of comment and objection, weave the rebuttal into your presentation like this, “A lot of my customers feel they can get the same product for less. Here are the reasons our product and company is a better choice for you, the beauty and safety of your home, and your return on investment, reason #1……”

Makes sense right?

Use this 15 minute skill booster at your next sales meeting and see what better outcomes and more deals your team begins to close.


1. Ask your reps to list the most CONSISTENT objections heard in the last month.

2. Explain the Ultimate Way to Cut Out Objections: Bring The Objection Up in The Presentation.

3. Share the fence example.

4. In pairs, have each team select one objection and craft a response to weave it into their next conversation.

5. Each pair shares their response.

Additional Tip: Ask each rep to use their smart phone to record the responses. Suggest they listen to these recordings as they drive to and from work or on their way to the next client conversation!

Let me know how it works!

PS… Want more?  Download the 68 Swipe Worthy Responses to the 6 Most Common Objections!

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