Have you ever heard this from your reps:  “I can’t wait for this month to be over.  I’ve been in such a rut.” 

When you see a rep in a rut.. get cranking to help them out.  Otherwise it could last longer than a month and that hurts all the way around.

Try these three ideas to get them out of their rut:

1. Re-evaluate Goals.  Maybe they haven’t made any of your goals – sales, business or personal.  Instead of setting long term goals, set one personal growth goal per day.  Yes, per day.  By achieving a goal each day, that puts a smile on could be the energy boost needed. 

The goals can be simple:  Go for a walk, call a long lost friend, eat one less dessert, clean a closet or make one more sales call.  You get the idea. As small daily goals get checked off, watch what can happen to those even bigger ones.

2. Get Out of The Comfort Zone.  We’ve all said, “ I wouldn’t do that, I don’t do that, I don’t like that.”   Breaking out could show  a different side of life.  It could be more fun, more freeing and help discover a new talent or interest not known to possess.  Look for opportunities to say, “I’ve never thought of that.” or “I’ve never tried that and I think I will!”

3. Change The Routine.  Take a different route to the office!  The reps would see new businesses starting up and different billboards.  They may even need to pay more attention to the drive since it’s not as familiar.  Seeing things with new eyes does more than making one aware of your surroundings – it transfers over to seeing what you do day in and day out differently.  It may help eliminate boredom, get more focused, or change the way they prospect.  Changing up the routine may be just what it takes to get rejuvenated about selling.

Good luck, take the plunge it could be a brave new world out there!


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