The walls are paper-thin in this office.

The guy in the adjoining office talks so loud he could be sitting in my lap.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my office. It’s in the corner of the building with 2 wall length windows, five stories high above tree line.

It’s being able to hear the guy next door so clearly that gets to me.

Businessman superhero fly pass businessman hold on the cliff with burden. Business conceptSee, the guy next door is in insurance sales and I’m more frustrated than he is about his sales.

Every day he begins making his call backs. It’s renewal time.

He methodically goes through the list, makes the calls, and gets more ‘call me back’ or ‘no’s’ than yes’s.  Yet he doesn’t change anything for the next phone call.

And I don’t think he has a clue as to why he’s failing.

Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently. Henry Ford Click To Tweet

It’s obvious to me why he’s failing and the other day I was so frustrated, I stopped what I was doing and wrote what his launch and series of questions should be.

I was tempted to put it under his door before I left for the day, but I didn’t.

Before I tell you the ‘what he’s doing’ and my revision… ask yourself… do you really know what your reps are saying when they talk with prospects or customers?

If the answer is no, stop when you finish reading this… please figure out ways for you to listen to phone calls or get in the car for some field ride alongs.

A little listening, then discussing the necessary switch ups in the conversation can possibly be the quickest and best way to close more deals.

Read the following two scenarios and you’ll see, it can be this simple to up your sales reps sales-ability.

The sales guy next door’s sales call:

Sales guy:        Hi. Is this Jane Doe?

Other end:       Yes.

Sales guy:       I’m John Doe and I’m calling about your insurance plan.

Other end:       I have a plan.

Sales guy:        Yes I know. It’s with my company and it’s time to renew.

Other end:       When is it up?

Sales guy:       In a few months.

Other end:       Call me back.

Sales guy:        Sure I can call you back, I call a few months early to set up the renewal because the closer you come to the renewal date to renew the prices go up.

Other end:       Call me back.

Sales guy: Okay I’ll call you back.

The majority of the calls really go like that!

Sales guy is not new to sales. It really shouldn’t be this hard for him.

Here’s my revised suggestion…

Sales guy:   Hi This is John Doe with Jane Doe’s health insurance company. Is this Jane Doe?

Jane:    Yes.

Sales guy: Hi Jane. Again, I’m John and am calling today because your health insurance plan is up for renewal in 2 months and I want to be sure it doesn’t lapse and leave you without this important health insurance. Can we take a few minutes now to get your approval for renewal?

The good news for me, Sales Guy is moving to California in a month so I’ll be put out of my misery soon!

Now you… go plan to find out what your sales reps are saying.

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