Do you know anyone who complicates everything?

I do and it’s frustrating as heck.Keep selling simple

If you’ve got reps who are complicating the sales process for your buyers, they too are frustrated and buy from someone else.

On the next sales ride along with your rep or while prepping in the office or on the phone look to see if they are making it harder for your customers to buy.

The simple way is to:

1. Be prepared to ask what most sales reps are afraid to ask. Are you willing to ask the Risk and Reward Questions? How important is this to fix, change, add? What could be in the way of you trying this? What happens if you don’t try and stay status quo? What will be different if you did try this? How important is it for you to have that difference? What will be the upsides and downsides if you try this?

2. Talk less and ask more. Even when it comes to objections. Untrain your reps from thinking they need to have an answer to every objection. Answering first gets them in trouble and is a big complication bottle neck. Train your reps to ask a question before offering an answer to the objection.

3. Present the right solution. Don’t put a square peg in a round hole. If you are selling the special of the month and it’s not in alignment with their goals, you are complicating the situation. Match exactly what they need to the right product and service. When it’s in alignment it’s simple.

4. Ask for the close. Too often sales reps think the close is asking the prospect to think about it or talk to others on their team. Be brave, be bold and ask for the decision. Don’t confuse asking for the close with thinking it means ask for the order. Most deals today take multiple sales conversations. Having effective and efficient conversations – not complicated ones – means the closing question may be as simple as to ask: What are our next steps?

Good luck selling simple!

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