People buy the Tomorrow.  They already have Today.

Top producers already know this.

That’s what makes top producers strategic business partners and not just another vendor.

This approach is refreshing to the buyers of your products and services because 99.9% of the sales people contacting them are acting as vendors and investing most of the conversation time on today.

That’s why buyers get frustrated, tune sellers out, and don’t buy.

Unfortunately many of these buyers don’t tell the sales person they have no intention of buying from them and often string them along.

Partially because they may like your product, but they don’t like the way in which they are being sold.

Instead of looking at your buyers as the same, look at each one with a unique problem, want opportunity or need.

Yes, you’ve been doing this a long time and you know what they need and you’ve heard it all before.

Top performers don’t go down that road.  They approach each conversation as an opportunity to do it differently.

What is their today and more importantly is what is their tomorrow?

What challenges exist to keep them from tomorrow?

What barriers can you remove to help them?

How important is it for them to get to tomorrow?

And how much better will their world be when they reach tomorrow?

Take this 15-minute challenge.

Gather your sales team and ask each seller to select one buyer or prospect they will be meeting with this week.

  • List what they currently know about the buyer’s today and tomorrow.
  • List what they need to know about the buyer’s today and tomorrow.
  • Prepare questions to ask what challenges exist to keep them from tomorrow.
  • Prepare questions to ask what barriers you can remove to help them.
  • Identify how important it is for them to have tomorrow and prepare questions to find out their tomorrow.
  • Identify how much better their world will be when they reach tomorrow – the upside…and prepare questions to find this out.

Next week, ask sellers to provide an update on their sales conversation and determine how this exercise helped close the deal or advance the sale.  Then rinse and repeat!


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