Do you ever find yourself in a rut?

Find the customers and sales reps have the same issues over and over again?

Is it just another day and everything is the same?

It’s time for you to shake it up and try some new leadership.

Be a little different.

5 Ways to Shake Yourself Up

1. Stop saying: “We’ve tried that before.”  Start saying: “Umm, I never looked at it that way, tell me more.”

2. Stop giving your reps the solution to their problems.  Start asking reps to come to you with a minimum of one, preferably two solutions to the problem.

3. Stop leading your sales meetings.  Turn the meeting over to a rep.  Decide in advance the topic and they can plan how to deliver the message or use a done-for-you-sales meeting outline.

4. Stop needing to be right all the time.  If you need to be right all the time, you are not listening.  Leaders aren’t expected to be right all the time.  Let others be right.

5. Stop thinking your team knows they are doing well and start praising publicly, privately, often and sincerely!  Motivated reps sell more! And money isn’t the #1 motivator.  Praise, recognition and felling valued bring in more sales than the almighty dollar.

What new leadership trait will you test drive today?

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