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Sales Coaching over Coffee
Featured on: Up Your Telesales – Sales Coaching over Coffee with Lynn Hidy
Featured on: Salesman.red – SalesMan Podcast Alice Kemper joins me on the Salesman Podcast to discuss why most sales meetings suck and what we can do to improve them.
Recognition: RingDNA – 51 Top Sales Influencers to Follow on Twitter Immediately (May 2015)
Women Sales Pros
Member of: Women Sales Pros – Where the TOP B2B Women Sales Experts Are
Featured in: Sell Better and Sell More – 23 Top Sales Experts Tell All (Page 30)
Recognition: SalesFitRx – 5 Sales Blogs to Watch
LinkedIn Slide Share
Featured in: Linkedin® Slide Share – We asked the pros: What was your first sales job and what did it teach you? (Slide 22)
Insurance Journal
Featured in: Insurance Journal – 101 Sales & Marketing Ideas (Idea #7)
Recognition: Rise – Top Sales Performance Gurus Leaderboard
Recognition: Treeline – Top 50 Sales Influencers
Recognition: Tenfold – Top 100 Sales Influencers