If your reps are prospecting you better believe you are NOT the only one calling on that buyer!

And if your rep is lucky enough for the prospect to call them… beware… they calling at least 2 other companies.

So how do your reps differentiate themselves throughout the process?

How many of these basic actions do they do, because my experience is the only rep doing this is the one who wins the business.

1. Thoroughly research the account in advance. Don’t stop with their website. Include Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, download articles, read their blogs, research the CEO, the staff, and more.

2. Add the company and key players in the company to your Google Alerts. You never know what information, announcement or press might happen right before your meeting.

3. Send an agenda in advance and ask for their feedback. Bring the agenda with you to keep you on track.

4. Complete your pre-call sales planner in writing – not only in your head. What’s the objective of the call? How are you going to specifically launch the conversation? Prepare all of your questions to gain information from the Now State to the After State and what’s the Upsides and Downsides to staying where they are or making a change. STOP the WINGING IT.

5. Conclude the meeting with a recap, confirm the information and do not leave until the firm next steps are outlined and calendared. What are you going to do? What are they going to do? And what’s the date and time on the calendar to circle back. Saying you’ll call in a few weeks is the kiss of death. There’s no commitment for them to take your call. Reps who have the next meeting on the calendar – get the sale.

6. Send an email with a recap of the conversation and ask for confirmation of receipt and the accuracy of what was captured. Use this format of categories and follow each with bullet lists: I understand, You want to, We discussed, I need to further understand. You can include this directly in the email copy and if you do, also send it as an attachment on letter head with your contact information.

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